Today is the last day of Latihan Industri after 10 weeks.I am happy but also sad .Being happy is next week is new semester at other campus with new building ,and can continue study .I miss so much my study periods.Study ......I back.....hahahaha......Meanwhile ,I feel sad coz have to seperate from ACiS Technology family ......:(even i at there only 10 weeks but still sad.At there, I have learnt a lot that enrich my experiences and life.

At here ,I sincerely thank to everyone at ACiS Technology Sdn.Bhd without your's help ,I may be not polish my experiences for further study and so on.

BYE-BYE ACiS Technology Sdn.Bhd ,but we still can meet to each other at someway else..or at I will come to visit.hehehehe..:)