Last Day of LI


Today is the last day of Latihan Industri after 10 weeks.I am happy but also sad .Being happy is next week is new semester at other campus with new building ,and can continue study .I miss so much my study periods.Study ......I back.....hahahaha......Meanwhile ,I feel sad coz have to seperate from ACiS Technology family ......:(even i at there only 10 weeks but still sad.At there, I have learnt a lot that enrich my experiences and life.

At here ,I sincerely thank to everyone at ACiS Technology Sdn.Bhd without your's help ,I may be not polish my experiences for further study and so on.

BYE-BYE ACiS Technology Sdn.Bhd ,but we still can meet to each other at someway else..or at I will come to visit.hehehehe..:)

LI Days

26 June--

  • Finished register page with added validation on registration form.

27 June--

  • Final touch on task management system.
  • Prepared Proposal of Maya Basic 3D Modeling in order to present to schools.

29 June--

  • Prepared slide presentation of Latihan Industri and also report.
  • Prepared slide pretation for e-Leave system(cuti online).
30 June--

  • Edited database of companyinfo system
  • inserted AJAX on category page for searching propose.

  • My supervisor of LI (PM.Haziah)came to visit us and we had presented to her what we had did in this LI at ACiS technology Sdn.Bhd
  • Searched suitable icon to the theme of cuti oline system and inserted them on system interface .
  • Edited the css of the cuti online system.
2 July--

  • Prepared user manual for the cuti online system.

Same AS Always

25 June--
  • Created register page on task system.
  • Searched and changed icon at task system.

Same AS Always

19 June--

Prepared proposal and quotations of website and online reservation system for Ayer Keroh resort.
Quotation is a formal statement of the estimated cost of job and service.This was my first time heard and did quotation.

  • Used AJAX concept to insert calendar list on view page of task system.
  • searched for possible customer's info in order to promote company's system.

23 June--

Same as yesterday.

24 June--

Same as yesterday

Li Days

18 June--

  • Prepared quotation of Reserving System for Country Resort.
~Admin level
~User level
  • Drew Flow diagram about Reserving System

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LI Days

10 June--

  • Created new database for Company Info System.There had 4 tables:user ,company,login _info and category.
  • Used the Task System's interfaces.

11 June--

  • Presentation of what have done in this whole week.
  • Meeting to assigned new task to practical student:
~created module for e-politic (activities,schedule,invitation,date)
~add calendar list into Task System
~insert icon into Task System
~Add validation in Task System

12 June--
  • inserted icon into Task System
  • Added validation in Task System
  • Prepared meeting minute on 2 June

15 June till 17 June --
leave(balik kampung)!!!!

LI Days

8 June--

Data Flow Diagram for Human Resource:
~Level 0
~Level 1

9 June--

Edited task system on Add Event:
~Admin can add task to all staff.
~Each staff can add their own task only.